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OMC Basic Workshop at iart

On August 23rd we held an internal workshop at iart offices to introduce fellow coworkers to the Open Media Controller. iart interactive is the company which conceived and produced the device. The aim of this first basic workshop was to show the participants basic Arduino-workflows, which also apply to the OMC. Basic setups with different sensors and output devices were used to create small interactive installations and games. The half-day workshop showed that you can create simple but effective interactive installations in a very short time building on the work of the Arduino community.

Check out some impressions from the workshop in the pictures below.

battleships using touchosc

Controlling the OMC with a smart phone over a network by using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol, one group created a small battleship/minesweeper game.

color sensor

A digital color light sensor detects visible colors and outputs it to an LED strip.

Using flex sensors (5cm length) and two servo motors with a pan/tilt bracket one group created a small minigolf game.