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OMC Intro at X Media Lab

X Media Lab Banner

From the X Media Lab Website:

"X Media Lab is the internationally acclaimed creative industries event. XML creates a meeting place uniquely designed to assist people and companies to realise unique new forms of interactive cultural content, through concept development, business matching, and direct access to world-class networks of creative professionals.

Switzerland is one of the world’s most innovative nations: the birthplace of the World Wide Web, the 3D microchip, and the home of CERN.  It is culturally diverse with a vast range of traditional customs and a thriving arts scene.  X Media Lab Switzerland highlights the intersections between the cultural, creative and technological – the interplay between the freedom of art and the precision of engineering and the participation of communities in creating fresh new and interactive forms of cultural expression. The focus of X Media Lab is always on you and your idea."

We were present at the event introducing the Open Media Controller to the public.

This picture shows a reactive installation produced by iart for the opening event at the Foyer of the Kunstmuseum Basle. The projection reacted to mobile devices of the incoming guests. Each additional device entering the room was identified and caused a new dot within the network structure on the wall. Next to the dot, names of those networks appeared to which the device had been connected before. Due to the visitors’ presence the projected network changed its structure, composition, colour and size.

On friday, we presented small OMC installations (created in previous workshops at iart) allowing the guests to familiarise themselves with the device and its possibilities.

Table showcasing the OMC

Visitors playing with OMC controlled games