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Colour Light Box

How can the topics light, colour and perception be visually communicated if not with colour and light?

The mobile colour light box, awarded with the ColourDesignAward 2011, allows hands-on experimental access to the fundaments of the perception phenomenon of colour and light.

The simple setting with two dynamic controllable RGB-LED-light sources and a partition wall with a window allows an areal staging with colour combinations and contrasts by the means of coloured light.

It opens up an extensive variety of application possibilities in the creative education both in the basic elements such as additive and subtractive colour mixing, as we as to more application oriented questions, for example creating a stage set.

The build in electronics consist of a partly assembled open media controller and two additional PCB boards. First one contains six analog faders and 2 LCD displays.

The second one provides 6 switches with status LEDs as well as a 6 channel LED driver to handle the two RGB-Strips.


Technical data                                                              



Weight: 5kg                                                               

Material: anodised aluminium sheet                   



6 light regulators for front/back chambers        

2 switches for RGB/HSB colour mode             

4 switches for colour-light programmes

6 status LEDs       



Open media controller                

2 LCD-displays                                                              

USB connection (under base plate)                     

2 RGB-LED-strips                                                        

Built-in mains adapter                                               

Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz               

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