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getting started

This is a step by step tutorial to get started programming an open media controller with Arduino IDE

You will need these items:

Step 1: connect open media controller

  • Connect the open media controller to your computer using the mini USB cable

Open the Device Manager:

  • Go to >> Start >> Control Panel >> Device Manager (top left corner)
  • Or press Start and type device manager
  • You should find the open media controller under Ports (COM & LPT)
  • It will appear as Arduino Mega 2560
  • It is also marked on which virtual COM-Port the controller has been installed (COMXX)

  • If you can't find it there or if there is a small yellow exclamation mark, the driver was not installed correctly. Please refer to how to install driver

Step 2: Arduino IDE and Starter Kit

  • Download and install Arduino IDE from here
  • Download and unzip OMC Starter Kit from here
  • Copy the folder hardware, libraries and HelloWorldLCD to your Arduino-Sketchbook folder
  • If you don't know the location of your Arduino-Sketchbook, open Arduino IDE and go to >> File >> Preferences

  • At the top of the preferences window you will find the path to your sketchbook folder

  • If you found the folder and copied the specified folders from the Starter Kit, start/restart Arduino IDE
  • go to >> Tools >> Board  and select Arduino Mega 2560 OMC

  • Connect your open media controller to your computer if not already connected
  • Go to >> Tools >> Serial Port and choose the appropriate COM port. If you can't remember on which port the open media controller is connected see step 1 of this tutorial.

  • Go to >> File >> Sketchbook and open the HelloWorldLCD sketch
  • Upload the sketch by pressing the upload button

  • If the sketch has been uploaded to the controller you should see a message on the LCD of the open media controller
  • You can also manipulate the two status LEDs by pressing the three push buttons on the front of the open media controller
  • Now you can start changing the code and upload it to the open media controller


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