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install FTP Server OSX

Tutorial to install a standard FTP server on OS X and set it up to work with an Open Media Controller

Step 1: download

download PureFTPd-Manager from this link:



Step 2: install

  • run setup


  • Click Fortfahren / Next

  • Click Fortfahren / Next

  • Click Fortfahren / Next



  • Click Agree

  • Click Installieren / Install

  • close the window

Step 3: User Manager

  • start pure FTPd Manager

  • go to user manager
  • click new

  • fill out the fields as follows
  • Full Name: OMC Firmware
  • Login: FW
  • Password: FW
  • remember Home Directory

  • save


  • create and save a second acount with following settings (optional)
  • Full Name OMC Show Files
  • Login: SHOW
  • Password: SHOW
  • remember Home Directory


Step 4: start Server

  • go to Server Status
  • click Start on the bottom right
  • activate Update status automatically


Step 5: connect with server

  • move your firmware files to the home directory of the user FW (ex. /Users/ftp/VirtualUsers/FW)
  • if omc is connected it will show up in the list of connected users on the left
  • click on the listed entry to see all connected OMCs
  • for detailed information about server activity you can check out the "Server Logs" tab as well
  • Open Media Controller will download all files in this folder. So take care that only the necessary firmware files are in this folder.

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